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Belt Buckles to Make Your Mouth Water

Love Letter

Dear Beltbuckle,

Have I told you how special you are to me? When you are around you always make me shine. You have a way of bringing out the best in me. You really know who I am? You always have a way of surrounding me with your love.

Have you thought of how awesome you are lately? Without you life would not be the same! I wouldn’t feel quite right without you. We always face challenges together and you’re always there for me. You always honor me and you never disrespect me.

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Mona Lisa

The truth about belt buckles and fine art has been covered up for far too long. Today, we reveal the connection between some of the world’s greatest masterpieces and holding up your pants in style.

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Custom Western Belt Buckle

Are you familiar with the legend of Cletus Tarbone?

Probably not, because those soulless creeps in the suspender industry have done their darndest to wipe his name from the history books.

But that's why we at BeltBuckle.com are here -- to rescue the tale of this true American hero from its place in the graveyard of forgotten tall tales.

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What do all me and all Greek Gods and Godesses have in common? Other than tantalizing good looks, they never leave their wrists un-accentuated by a metal or leather cuff. Other than providing you with mythical powers, our Leather Cuffs make your wrists look like physical poetry and your forearms ripped.


To help you slay dragons, slay it on the mic, or slay sales presentations, we are offering 15% off all our Cuffs from now through Wednesday 9/18/13. Juse use coupon code slay when finalizing your order. Don't forget to add a buckle or belt to match your new cuff! Take a look at some of these products...


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Two Fighting Lions

As you probably know by now, the U.S. Supreme Court dumped the Defense of Marriage Act, allowing federal perks for you and your same-sex partner. But wait, you have to be a married same-sex couple, so no living-in-sin allowed. Some of the goodies you're both entitled to include tax-free inheritances, Social Security benefits, and Army housing.

If this historic decision pushes you toward nuptial bliss, you've probably thought about popping the question with a ring. We don't handle that stuff, so we're going to persuade you to go with something that is newer, more modern, and sold by us: belt buckles.

Just think of the advantages:

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Buckles ‘n beer.  Now’s there’s a combo any man can appreciate... if they have the right buckle!  

You know how it is when you’re standin’ on the river bank shootin’ the bull and pretending to fish with your buddies;  you’ve got a nice cold longneck in one hand and a bag of pork rinds in the other, but you can’t eat the pork rinds ‘cause your other hand is holdin’ the beer!  What do you do?  You can’t put the beer down ‘cause it might tip over and spill, and that’d be alcohol abuse!   Oh sure, you could ask one of your buddies to open the bag for you, but then you’d risk gettin’ the bag back without anything left inside.  Clearly, a man shouldn’t be put in these awkward positions!

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Conventional fashion wisdom dictates that the best outfits require a belt buckle. Otherwise, your pants would fall down around your ankles. We're not going to argue with that, especially if you want to buy one of our belts and buckles for every pair of your pants you own. (Subliminal message: Buy Buckle Buy Buckle Buy.) We also think wearing a belt and buckle without pants is far more interesting.

But why stop with conventional uses? Our metallic creations are meant for far more creative destinies. For example, bling buckles make perfect, if somewhat overly large, earrings. Buy two different designs for additional panache but make sure they share the same color scheme, so they're not too distracting. We don't offer ear attachments so get creative by using some colorful string to attach a buckle to your earhole.

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