Conventional fashion wisdom dictates that the best outfits require a belt buckle. Otherwise, your pants would fall down around your ankles. We're not going to argue with that, especially if you want to buy one of our belts and buckles for every pair of your pants you own. (Subliminal message: Buy Buckle Buy Buckle Buy.) We also think wearing a belt and buckle without pants is far more interesting - though some (or maybe all, depending on who you are) may disagree.

But why stop with conventional uses? Our metallic creations are meant for far more creative destinies. For example, bling buckles make perfect, if somewhat overly large, earrings. Buy two different designs for additional panache but make sure they share the same color scheme, so they're not too distracting. We don't offer ear attachments, so get creative by using some colorful string to attach a buckle to your earhole.

Show your drinking buddies that you're proud to be an American by laying several of our American Flag Guitar Body with Bottle Opener Colored Belt Buckles on your bar, next to the beer bottles. We've tested the bottle-opener part extensively <hiccup>. If you'd rather be less subtle about your love of alcohol, choose the Drunk Bottle Opener Belt Buckle instead. (Just remember: never drink and drive.)

Need something unique for your next Society for Creative Anachronism jousting tournament? Then stitch together a complete suit of armor using enough metal buckles to cover your entire body. (You can join each buckle to the next using a looped piece of wire.) We recommend sticking with just one design for maximum impact. Make it easy on yourself and choose the most expensive option. Our kids will thank you.

We're sure you can come up with far more interesting options than the few mentioned here. Why not share some of your cool ideas through the Comment box below? If you need help in choosing the perfect buckle for your suggestion, feel free to contact us.