The truth about belt buckles and fine art has been covered up for far too long. Today, we reveal the connection between some of the world’s greatest masterpieces and holding up your pants in style.

Mona LisaMona Lisa: There’s nothing so mysterious about her smile after all. Of course she’s grinning. She just bought one of our handmade belt buckles. You may have thought that Leonardo was just some painter, scientist, engineer, mathematician, writer, musician type. Little does the world know, he invented the belt buckle or something like that.






David: When he gazes out over the crowds in Florence, we know what he’s really thinking.

“When the heck are all these tourists going to go home so I can put my pants on. It’s murder not being able to wear the belts I love. Ooh, look at that guy over there. He’s got a purple belt.”








The ThinkerThe Thinker: Rodin tried to throw everyone off by suggesting this guy is pondering heaven and hell. Actually, the airline lost his luggage. Now he’s agonizing over where his reversible red suede belt could be.







The ScreamThe Scream: Who knows if Munch was painting a man or a woman, but that anguish could only mean they just got robbed and the thief took his/her cocky belt buckle. Please, don’t jump off the bridge. Visit us online and get a replacement.





GirlGirl With a Pearl Earring: She’s amused because everyone is making such a big deal out of a little earring. If people only knew she had on one of our upcycled bike chain buckles, Vermeer would be even more famous.






American Gothic: You may not know it by name, but it’s the farmer and his wife. Don’t even think about getting too close to his Pabst Blue Ribbon belt buckle, or he’ll stab you with that pitchfork.





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