Buckles ‘n beer.  Now’s there’s a combo any man can appreciate... if they have the right buckle!  

You know how it is when you’re standin’ on the river bank shootin’ the bull and pretending to fish with your buddies;  you’ve got a nice cold longneck in one hand and a bag of pork rinds in the other, but you can’t eat the pork rinds ‘cause your other hand is holdin’ the beer!  What do you do?  You can’t put the beer down ‘cause it might tip over and spill, and that’d be alcohol abuse!   Oh sure, you could ask one of your buddies to open the bag for you, but then you’d risk gettin’ the bag back without anything left inside.  Clearly, a man shouldn’t be put in these awkward positions!

Well, I laid all my worries to rest the day my BevBuckle arrived! Not only is she a real beauty, but she’s already paid for herself in un-spilled beer!  (I wish I could say that about my wife!)  She’s built solid (the buckle that is) outta Zinc Alloy and polished to perfection.  Plus, she’s spring loaded and ready for action anytime (unlike my wife).  BevBuckle also compliments my outfits so I know I'm steppin' out in style.  

I also discovered something else about my BevBuckle--  turns out she’s good at sports!  Just yesterday down at the fishin’ hole, she was holdin' my fishin' rod for me while I made myself a sandwich.  Before I’d even slapped the mayonnaise on the second slice of bread she’d already hooked a 5-lb. bass!  My buddies were shocked and amazed (and a little jealous too!) Tomorrow we're playin' paintball! 

Seriously though, all braggin’ aside, my BevBuckle has turned me on to a whole new world and way of keepin’ pants up and shirts tucked in.  Does she have a sister, you ask? Friend, there’s not only more like her but she’s got all kinds of relatives, from those serious types that make a statement to the more fun and fashionable kind (that’s the category I fall into in my family, ha-ha!) I also have the Holy Buckle to wear to choir practice and church on Sundays.  When I placed my order, I tossed a few extra buckles in as gifts, like the Leaping Trout for Hank, the Bottoms Up for Slim, and a red Spiral Heart for my one and only. (My wife, silly!  Who’d you think I was talkin' about?)

Well I suspect you're itchin' to order a few buckles for yourself by now, and I'm almost outta beer! Let me just throw in my two cents before we part:  You can’t go wrong with the BevBuckle or any other quality buckle and accessories at And, they're all made right here in the USA! They have quite a selection so you’re bound to find something for everyone on your list.  They’re mighty helpful there too.  If you have any questions, just ask!  They’ll tell you everything you need to know (except the location of my secret fishin’ hole!)