Custom Western Belt Buckle

Are you familiar with the legend of Cletus Tarbone?

Probably not, because those soulless creeps in the suspender industry have done their darndest to wipe his name from the history books.

But that's why we at are here -- to rescue the tale of this true American hero from its place in the graveyard of forgotten tall tales.

No one knows where Cletus came from, or why he wound up in Dry Gulch, Texas. But everyone knows he had one hell of acustom western belt buckle. For days, it was all the girls at Ma Rainey's Bordello could talk about -- how shiny and slick and big his custom belt buckle was.

Days went by and Cletus did nothing but drink at the saloon and refuse to talk with anyone. Then, trouble rolled into town.

For week, cattle rustlers had been preying on herds all across The Great American West. They had left Dry Gulch alone...until now.

Under the light of a full moon, the cattle rustlers rounded up all the steers they could handle and were ready to head out of town when they heard something behind them. There, in the dark, stood Cletus.

Cletus didn't even have to reach for his six-gun. The cattle rustlers took one look at his magnificent belt buckle gleaming in the moonlight and realized they didn't want to mess with him. They scattered, and the steers were safe. Thus, Dry Gulch was saved from economic collapse.

Do you think you should have your own belt buckle just like Cletus'? Of course you do. You can contact us to find out how to get your own.