Love Letter

Dear Beltbuckle,

Have I told you how special you are to me? When you are around you always make me shine. You have a way of bringing out the best in me. You really know who I am? You always have a way of surrounding me with your love.

Have you thought of how awesome you are lately? Without you life would not be the same! I wouldn’t feel quite right without you. We always face challenges together and you’re always there for me. You always honor me and you never disrespect me.

You give me pleasure just by being you. Beltbuckle you are truly unique one of a kind! You have tenacity like no other. You are always inspiring me to be better, to succeed. I can always rely on you because you have never let me down.
You’re my lucky charm, in you I find hope for a better day. With you by my side I can accomplish anything. Your uniqueness distinguishes me. You complete me Beltbuckle.

My admiration for you I can never explain. People always ask about you and I just say that Beltbuckle is my #1. I know they are jealous of our friendship but I don’t want to share. They know I am not greedy but I can’t part with you Beltbuckle. So I tell them that they can get their own Beltbuckle and just leave mine alone.

I will spread the love that you have given me. Beltbuckle you will be proud of me for bettering the world in this way. Because you inspire me to give to others as you have given to me, I will make more Beltbuckles and they will have purpose they will have meaning.

I will close this letter of gratitude by saying Thank You and that I will never let you down or take you for granted! For you set me apart, you lift me up, you give me wings.