Today, we are starting a segment in our blog called "Crazy Stuff We Say to Customers". This ongoing segment will detail things that we've said to customers through phone, email, and live chat to help "close the deal". We highly recommend this strategy as a powerful sales tactic to everyone.

We realize that selling cool belt buckles and stylish leather belts isn't the world's most important occupation. That's why we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Recently, we received a dinner-time email from a customer potentially placing a large order asking if he could receive a break on shipping. This was our response:

"Thank you for contacting Since I just ate a delicious dinner of ham, meatloaf, chicken dumplings, cornbread, buttermilk biscuit with apple butter, collard greens, green beans, and mac and cheese - I can definitely give you a coupon for Free Shipping. Use coupon code 'XXXXX' when finalizing your order. Hope you have a great weekend!"

Needless to say, the customer ended up purchasing and was happy that the meal brought forth good tidings.