Two Fighting Lions

As you probably know by now, the U.S. Supreme Court dumped the Defense of Marriage Act, allowing federal perks for you and your same-sex partner. But wait, you have to be a married same-sex couple, so no living-in-sin allowed. Some of the goodies you're both entitled to include tax-free inheritances, Social Security benefits, and Army housing.

If this historic decision pushes you toward nuptial bliss, you've probably thought about popping the question with a ring. We don't handle that stuff, so we're going to persuade you to go with something that is newer, more modern, and sold by us: belt buckles.

Just think of the advantages:

  • The size of your love expression is far bigger than those teeny-tiny things most boring couples wear. Your new enhancement will generate lots of buckle envy.

  • Even our most expensive item is easier on your budget than the cheapest diamond ring. This means you can get a different buckle to go with each of your wedding dance outfits.

  • You wear your buckle closer to the sexiest and most love-inducing part of your person: your wallet.

  • The buckle's large surface allows interesting designs that express the real you, like two women, two men, or the ultimate expression of a committed relationship: two fighting lions. And yes, you can customize your purchase with your favorite pics or text from Supreme Court rulings.

  • Buy several as gifts for your groomsmen or bridesmaids. They can be identical to what you and your intended are wearing, only smaller and less attractive.

Interested? Why don't you contact us right now so we can pick your perfect same-sex marriage buckle?